Big Indian: Message From Lama Rangbar 2016

Next Big Indian Work Weekend: August 5-7


Dear Rudi Community Members,

In almost all spiritual lineages the place where the Guru offered teachings to the spiritual community is considered a holy pilgrimage spot filled with the blessings of the Guru. This represents both uncontrived flow and also sincere and altruistic efforts made by the Guru and previous followers for the benefit of the students and future generations. Therefore, to travel to and venerate the Guru at the place where teachings were given is very much part of the spiritual path and doing so demonstrates a proper understanding of the need to work for the benefit of others going forward so that they too gain the same benefits our Guru’s efforts brought to us. In almost all spiritual paths it is not simply enough to sit and gain advantages of the lineage for oneself alone as this constitutes a major flaw in understanding.

It may be important to remember that one of Rudi’s wishes was to make the Big Indian center into a spiritual university to benefit all. For those who take Rudi’s teaching to heart, one could say that to work to preserve this wonderful blessed and peaceful site is worthy of any and all participation and spiritual effort as an integral part of the path.

The Big Indian retreat center is growing and improving each year. The participation of several communities makes it even richer and the presence of the new huge black granite Mariamma Goddess Statue makes the stream of powerful feminine blessings undeniable.

Furthermore, the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation (The Rudi Stupa) was built in honor of Rudi in 1981-84, which includes a statue of Rudi placed in the niche and its new beautiful ornament was built and mounted in 2015 by Silver Ra Baker and his students. This was very encouraging for us to see this positive selfless work being done with great harmony. The restoration of the stupa is currently underway again this summer, 2016, and truly warrants the attention of all of Rudi’s students and teachers. It marks the place where Rudi gave teachings and continues to generate merit towards all who add to its enrichment. Silver Ra has established a fund for the restoration of the stupa and an anonymous donor has offered a $25,000 matching grant for the work to commence this year and, hopefully, to be completed next year.  It’s a great time to double your contribution up to that amount! (More info below).

But there is yet significant need of support in this restoration— more funds are needed and especially people’s time, love, hands, skills of all kinds and energy this summer. Bodhivastu has and will continue to assist in several ways to this process but would like to see the Rudi students and teachers much more actively involved in this multi-community cooperative effort. Doing this level of work and giving in this way is what Rudi passed on to us all. In return, this is a major opportunity to give back and enrich the very place where Rudi planted his vision of a profound practice place years ago. Rudi’s vision is now alive and growing, and you will all certainly enhance your lives by adding yourself to its success.

Come Participate in the Rebirth
of Big Indian

We offer an opportunity for participation for the Rudi community to come and share in the SEVA work weekends with two harmonious communities that are joining in the spirit of love and meditation to bring the cloud-like wishes of all of our Gurus to fruition. John Mann and Capella have so graciously donated a portion of the Big Indian land to the Bodhivastu Foundation but it feels there is something deeply missing when Rudi students or lineage beneficiaries are not there working together to make the place come alive again. Only with your sincere participation can Individual transformation be complete, and only by this can we accomplish the tangible goal of making the center a fully operational and excellent place and circumstance for fulfillment for all. The restoration work on the Rudi Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation is a great way for followers of Rudi and his followers of his disciples to really feel the tangible blessings contained throughout the sacred land there.

I urge any of you who take Rudi’s core teachings seriously to consider how your community participation in these Seva works at this remarkable pilgrimage site can be an intrinsic part of the spiritual path of complete integration, something Rudi exemplified in his life, actions and teachings.

This past work-practice weekend July 15th – July 17th in preparation for the large gathering September 3rd event was a great success. Ten volunteers came for a complete weekend of Mariamma and fire puja practice for world peace and for a balanced combination of work and play. Our evening fire gatherings were ornamented with corn and baked potatoes made on the hot applewood coals and the vibes were filled with joy, harmony, and love.For those from the Rudi community far and wide who missed this opportunity to join into the blessing stream, a second work weekend has been scheduled for the weekend of August 5th, 6th, and 7th.

After that, Silver Ra will arrive on August 12th and he and his students will be working on the Stupa 2016 renovations through September 1st. Silver needs support in several forms from matching grants to hands to help (both skilled and unskilled) for masonry, carrying, team support, cooking, cleaning, music, love, etc. Please take the rare opportunity to join in. Once the stupa is finished, this rare opportunity to put yourself into it, vanishes. A GoFundMe site page has been created to help raise funds for 2016 for this important project. Your donations are needed to help us achieve the $25,000 matching grant:



Please be sure to email us if you wish to attend and help out.

With warmest and most sincere regards to you all,
Lama Rangbar

About the August 5th-7th Work Weekend

Lama Rangbar has this to say about this event:

The work of personal transformation must always have two ingredients to be truly successful. The first is a spiritual framework of meditation and insight of our true natures, and the second is the part of the work where we interact with our spiritual community at large. It is through this second element where we can finally refine ourselves and accumulate enough merit and confidence in the path’s function to bring us towards profound accomplishment.

SEVA work fulfills us by assuring that our social bonds of love are intact and functional. We become actively aware and confident in our interdependence. This is like getting to know ourselves in a macrocosmic way and not just one limited to our small personalities. In short, SEVA with the community is not only rewarding in and of itself, it is very much part of true practice.

These particular SEVA weekend events are even more unique as they call upon three communities which have enough in common to start the love flowing and enough not in common to make it rich and interesting. To add to the wonderful soup, there will be tenting, fireside music, and PM storytelling to round out the work with good fun as well. This is a wonderful chance to build your own circumstances for development.


Bodhivastu Retreat and Healing Sanctuary
126 Lost Clove Road
Big Indian, New York


1. Arrive Friday afternoon through evening
2. Set up tents and fireplace
3. Enjoy first evening together
4. Day One, start with brief Mariamma practice @ 7:30 AM / first day of work; report to team leader for assignment
5. Lunch break
6. Continue SEVA
7. Wash up and Dinner
8. Evening fun program II
9. Repeat the next day
10: Sunday at 3:30PM clean up (Please help here)
11. Depart by 4:30

Personal items to Bring:

Sleeping bags
Refillable water bottle
Your Guitar or Tablas (or whatever you may have, flute etc.)
Work clothes and change of clothes
Mosquito or bug repellant
Sun block
Sun hat
NOTE: Housing on the land is not available. Prepare for camping. Nearby motels are also in abundance.

Needed Donations:

Garden tools: stiff rakes, shovels, chainsaw, power washer, scrapers, weed whackers, trowels
House paint: Exterior, Interior; white, off-white, yellows, oranges, reds, maroon; primer also needed
Work Gloves
Dust masks
Shrubbery: Azalea, Rhododendron, Elephant Grass, Boxwood
Garden Hoses: new 50-100 ft.
Riding Lawn Mower
Queries? email: 

Food, snacks, and beverages of all kinds:

This is a potluck gathering! Some will be supplied, but please bring food to share.

Work Categories:

1. Cleaning, painting and arranging kitchen and dining area (spray paint and re-install tube lights in kitchen) Exchange stove jets with new Propane jets.
2. Landscaping, some land leveling
3. Stair construction and cement pouring

Please RSVP by emailing so we can plan for your attendance.

Kindest regards,
Bodhivastu Team