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Taking Care of Big Indian

Many hundreds come from near and far every year to Big Indian, NY, Rudi’s upstate meditation center in the 70s. The land is vital, juicy, and in a period of enormous growth and rebirth as Rudi had wished. Folks come for many reasons — to pay their respects at the Rudi shrine near the pond, to help with the ongoing restoration of the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation, to attend numerous meditation retreats of all flavors, or to spend a blissful several hours or days in quiet meditation in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries of upstate New York.

For a decade unpaid volunteers have contributed blood, sweat, tears, and pocket money to caretake the acres of land in Big Indian for all those who come to visit from May through November. But taking care of Big Indian on a non-existent budget out of the pockets of a few is not sustainable. Two residential push mowers bit the dust in the fall of 2017 after attempting to mow 2.5+ acres every week. Big Indian is now bereft of all working mowers or the resources to replace them. With rough and tumble Big Indian terrain, cheap equipment last only a year or two, and no longer makes sense. Proper lawn equipment is now necessary.

Your Help Is Now Needed

with the maintenance and upkeep of 2.5 acres in Big Indian to welcome 2018 visitors. All of our lawn equipment needs replacing this Spring, and that financial burden should not rest on the shoulders of a few.

Fundraising Drive Now In Motion

to raise the capital necessary for the proper equipment needed for such a large piece a land: a riding lawn tractor, a hauler, a dozer blade, a secondary mower for hilly terrain, a storage shed, repair insurance, and a trailer.

There are three ways to participate: donate by PayPal, donate by check, or sponsor the purchase of specific pieces of equipment:


Donate by any credit card, no account required. PayPal users can alternatively make no-fee donations by logging into your account and pay by Friends & Family!


You can also donate by check, especially for larger amounts to avoid PayPal transaction fees.

Make check out to: Robert Sink

Send to:
Robert Sink
PO Box 424
Lanesville, NY 12450

THANK YOU for helping us get the needed lawn equipment for Big Indian as we welcome hundreds of visitors in 2018!

Renovation to the Stupa in 2017
The Mariamma Statue in 2017
Many heartfelt visitors came to Big Indian in 2017