Before The Sun

"Before the Sun" is a new, forthcoming book by John Mann

When Rudi: 14 Years with my Teacher by John Mann was first published in 1987, it was not generally known that a number of versions of the manuscript had preceded it. In order for the book to be published at all, the views of many people needed to be taken into account. In the process about 1/3 of the manuscript was eliminated. Newly edited and embellished to some extent, Before The Sun is John Mann’s “author’s cut”.

Rudi: 14 Years with my Teacher is arguably the best book out there that chronicled day-to-day events of what it was like to have been a student of Rudi’s from the very beginning. Not only does it tell the rollercoaster ride that the author went through, but it also explores the important teacher-student relationship that every aspirant must navigate in their journey of spiritual growth. Although long out of print, the book is still highly prized, and easily fetches upwards of $100 (and rising) on Amazon.

rudi-mann-scans-002-tweakedSays John Mann about Before The Sun: “This is the version which I had approved somewhere along the line of the varied history of the manuscript itself. It represents my experience as Rudi’s student and friend, taken as an indirect approach to the description of Rudi himself and what it was like to be in his presence.

“As I have read through the manuscript, in order to proofread the digitized version, I have occasionally been moved to add to or alter its content. It is not surprising that I should be moved to make these additions since approximately 30 years have elapsed since it was first completed.

“I have also been led to the conclusion that it might be of general interest to summarize what has occurred in my own life in the 40 years since Rudi’s death that in any way bears testimony to Rudi’s continuous influence on me and indirectly on those whom I may have influenced.”

With the release of Before The Sun the fans of 14 Years will not only get to re-read this classic, but will find many new stories of depth and meaning that were deleted from the first edition. New readers will discover an extraordinary and riveting story about what it means to have a teacher of inner work, no matter what the tradition.

Before the Sun is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2014 through Amazon, both as a print edition and e-book for all mobile devices. Stay tuned.