Big Indian Celebration

July 27 Celebration in Big Indian

updated On July 27, 2014 there was a celebratory gathering to honor John Mann for caretaking Big Indian for many decades, and to acknowledge his generous gift of part of the land to the not-for-profit Bodhivastu Foundation. The gathering was hosted by Founder and President Lama Rangbar on behalf of the Foundation.


Notes Daniel Subkoff: “Another aspect of the day was to gather people connected to Rudi, his lineage, or interrelated lineages (such as the Nyingma lineage of Lama Rangbar) on the land, to engage in spiritual activity together. This “primes the pump” of the sacred energy associated with the place, activating it, and nourishing everyone involved.”

As Lama Rangbar has said, because John gave a portion of the land freely for the Dharma (for spiritual purposes), it is essentially for everyone. At our initial re-gathering this past May 31st, it was told to us by two of Rudi’s close disciples that Rudi’s larger vision for Big Indian was for it to become a Spiritual University, and with this new transition it felt like it was indeed moving again in that direction.

Another cause for celebration was the welcoming of the newly-arrived statue of the Hindu Goddess Mariamma, which was donated to the Bodhivastu Foundation for the land in Big Indian by Sai Maa, a Hindu guru based in Colorado with her own international following. The statue was commissioned by Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal (Apaji), a guru very close to Sai Maa, who had a vision of the goddess offering blessings to America. It was carved in India ten years ago. “She’s a goddess to be reckoned with, you could say,” said Lama Rangbar. “All 10,000 pounds and ten feet of her are astounding.” READ MORE >>


“Before The Sun: Meeting Rudi” Book Signing & Reading

The day also included the celebration of the publication of John Mann’s new book, Before The Sun: Meeting Rudi.Folks gathered in the Meditation Hall to hear Mr. Mann read some passages from the book and answer questions. John explained that the book was two years in the making. Before The Sun is not just a reprint of 14 Years With my Teacher, but rather is his original manuscript. Those who loved 14 Years will get to re-read this classic, John said, and find many new stories of depth and meaning that were deleted from his 1987 edition.More about Before The Sun >>