Message From John Mann 2013

What I see as the highest and best use is the transformation of the land in Big Indian into a Sanctuary

The Future of Big Indian

John Mann writes:

Big Indian was a major site for the development of the Work which Rudi left us as our inheritance. In the years following his death, Big Indian continued to function as an Ashram devoted to sharing and spreading this Work.

In 1979 I bought the property in order to preserve and expand its existence as a unique Spiritual Center. For the next five years, working with a small group of students and friends, I devoted my summers to renovating and repairing the physical structures, starting with the Meditation Hall. Since that time Big Indian has functioned as a place of retreat, always with Rudi’s Energy at its heart.

Big Indian is the only site in which Rudi functioned during his lifetime that is still open to all who approach it with interest, love and respect. Here you will find Rudi’s Shrine and a 50-foot Stupa dedicated to him, each of which houses a statue of Rudi sculpted by Professor Manjrekar (who also created the larger than life figure of Bhagawan Nityananda that now graces the Meditation Hall). Those who come continue to experience the spirit of the land and the wonderful energy of the teachings and teachers who have taught here as a living presence, whether or not they knew Rudi or have ever been here before or not. If you doubt it, come and visit. The energy at Big Indian lives on and continues to flourish.

As the current owner of the land in Big Indian and passing my 85th birthday I must look to the potential future of this place. What I see as a highest and best use is the transformation of the property into a Sanctuary, a sacred space to which all may come if they approach with sincerity and reverence, a pilgrimage site providing an endless source of spiritual nourishment. This vision is documented in the video and pictures that accompany this message. To some extent they illustrate that this is already the case.

The Invitation

I invite you to participate in the creation of the future, and finding the next generation of caretakers. In order to create the bedrock for a sustainable form, I envision a group of people forming for the purpose of holding, protecting, and maintaining this Big Indian property to become sanctuary, a place of pilgrimage for spiritual nourishment, open to all who come with good heart.

To that end I propose the following guidelines: 

1A group of like-minded individuals come together in a practical and wise manner to create a new 501c3 not-for-profit religious organization within a year of this message, capable of owning the property at a future date.

2A restoration fund of at least $24,000.00 is created within twelve months of the publication of this letter for the ongoing care, maintenance and repair of the Shrine, the Stupa and the Mediation Hall.

3A fund held by the 501c3 of not less than $300,000 is created by July 15th, 2016 to ensure the perpetuity of the Sanctuary from the interest that this amount could generate if suitably invested.

My Gift

With these guidelines in place I would donate the property, including the Nityananda Murti Statue, the Shrine, the Stupa and the Meditation Hall to the 501c3 that has been formed. The cabin would be donated at my death or that of my wife Capella, whichever came later.

If you are moved to do so, REPLY TO THIS LETTER by asking to be included in such a group. You will then receive all future emails on this subject from me and those who have also asked to be included for the purpose of collaboration, investigating the possibilities, and getting the best ideas in motion.

Let us move forward together in a way that would make Rudi proud of us all.

Yours Truly

John Mann