Message From John Mann 2016

John Mann gives us his concluding progress report on his vision for the future of Big Indian

2016 Progress Report:
The Future of Big Indian

In 2013 John Mann wrote this vision statement concerning the future of Big Indian: “As the current owner of the land in Big Indian and passing my 85th birthday I must look to the potential future of this place. What I see as a highest and best use is the transformation of the property into a Sanctuary, a sacred space to which all may come if they approach with sincerity and reverence, a pilgrimage site providing an endless source of spiritual nourishment….”
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Video Transcript:

This is the concluding report on the outcome for the offer I made three years ago regarding the donation of the property at Big Indian to a new endowed not-for-profit.  I wanted to make it as direct and interpersonal as possible so it is being done in this form as a short video. I want to acknowledge with appreciation the efforts that were made both to create a not-for-profit, and of course to raise the necessary funds. I am sorry to say, in the end, the conditions as outlined by me at the beginning have not been met. At this point the offer lapses, and the offer is officially withdrawn.

Naturally, those of you who feel a connection with Big Indian and concern for its future will wonder, well, what comes next? Is it simply going to go back, in some sense, to where it was? Will [Big Indian] be available as needed? I can’t, as I’m sitting here today, give any kind of definitive answer to that question. I am considering alternatives, and there are a number of them. But for now, the important thing is to conclude the three-year period that had a beginning, and this is the end, to be free to move on. Not only for me to be free, but for all of you to be free in whatever way seems best. I have some ideas about it, but nothing definitive at this point. When it becomes clearer I certainly will communicate it to all of you. But for right now, this is where matters stand. Thank you.