Rudi Movie in HD

Now available ON DEMAND in streaming HD

The Rudi Movie now in HD

Now Available

The RUDI movie is now available worldwide ON DEMAND through Vimeo in gorgeous, high-quality HD playback on the desktop, mobile, tablet, and TV. The footage has finally been up-rezed to HD, and has received many months of intensive color correction and tweaking.

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What’s Streaming

  • RUDI: The Teachings of Swami Rudrananda (28 min)
  • Essential Teachings (13 min)
  • Essential Teachings II (8 min)
  • Remembering Rudi w/Bruce Joel Rubin (7 min)
  • Remembering Rudi w/Stuart Perrin (7 min)
  • NYC Meditation Class (5 min)


  • Slideshow: Rudi Talk (7 min)
  • Rudi Remembers Nityananda (6 min)
  • Trip to the Reservoir (9 min)
  • Photographing Rudi (3 min)

What’s On the DVD

Same content as on Vimeo


  • Commentary Track by Bruce Joel Rubin
  • Subtitles in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Russian & Spanish
  • Three meditation classes
  • Seven slideshows
  • 2 Nityananda video versions
  • SEVEN hours bonus audio of Rudi talks

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