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On Rudi’s Samadhi

JAN. 24, 1928 — FEB. 21, 1973

On February 21, we honor the day of Rudi’s passing, reflecting on the many gifts that he left for us that still reverberate to this day. Just as Spring is filled with promise of new life, so too we have the opportunity to revitalize our wish to grow. Rudi gave us the tools; it is our responsibility to transform all of our resistances and tensions inside into a “full, rich, spiritual life”.

RUDI WROTE: “The thing of getting up in the morning and facing your own existence and having the real sense of your inner self will open you. A truly sensitive person can look at the sun, at a flower and really feel the adventure of life. If you stop and really enjoy a day, you would find out what paradise is and what nirvana is all about. It’s all around you. It’s very much in the nature of not appreciating what we have until it’s taken away from us for a while. You have to breathe inside and be happy and grateful. We’re all here and have an opportunity to learn.

“I find a great deal of happiness and joy in myself; I don’t have to depend on anybody else for it. You have to learn that you have to nourish and be nourished by the people that you love. It’s through your own ability that you’ll have everything.”

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