Do You Have Rudi Images To Share?

In the last five or so years of Rudi’s life he traveled all over the world to visit India, Europe, and the many ashrams that he set up around the country. While we have Barry Kaplan to thank for the many professionally-shot teaching pictures, there are also students and friends of Rudi’s who took many snapshots and home movies at public events. I suspect there is a treasure trove of Rudi images that sit in drawers, shoeboxes, and attics everywhere! 

If you’re like me, you LOVE to share what Rudi images you have with others. They are not only wonderful memorabilia and keepsakes, but the presence of who Rudi was as a teacher somehow radiates from these images. I am happy to say that I have been archiving and collecting Rudi images since the early 70’s — images that I have shot, or that were shared with me from many folks around the country.

For two years as a public service I have been posting Rudi images and Rudi quotes at the Rudi Movie Project Facebook page, and based on the tremendous growth, folks are loving it. As a result I will be creating more photo galleries as well on this web site for easy viewing.

Do you have some Rudi images or home movies in YOUR drawer, shoebox, or attic that you would like to share with all of us? If so, please CONTACT ME and let me know what you have!

Technical Details

Most of us have snapshots from the era as physical prints. For my purposes I need high resolution digital files to work with. If you wish you can digitize your images locally at many photo stores. Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and some major drug stores can easily do this for you at low cost. As a graphic design person I also have the equipment to scan prints and slides at my office. In this case all you need do is mail me your images, I’ll do the scanning, and I’ll send back digital copies ASAP. No muss no fuss! Everyone wins!