Rudi Movie DVD

Not only has the film been fully restored from a new film-to-file digital transfer, but many new features and bonus materials have been added

What’s On the DVD

Features In Brief:

The long-awaited RUDI movie is now available on DVD. Not only has the film been fully restored from a new film-to-tape digital transfer, but many new features and bonus materials have been added as well:

  • Rudi: The Teachings of Swami Rudrananda with commentary track by Bruce Joel Rubin
  • Subtitles in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish
  • Six new shorts, including never-before-seen footage
  • Three new Meditation Classes
  • Seven new slideshows with Rudi lectures and commentaries
  • Rarely seen Nityananda film & additional commentary by Rudi
  • New music composed especially for the DVD
  • BONUS: Over seven hours of new mp3 audio tracks

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Bonus Features In Detail:
RUDI: The Teachings of Swami Rudrananda

Two years in the making, the film has been restored from the original camera rolls through a new film-to-file digital transfer in 2006 using the impeccable telecine services of ColorLab NYC. It was the beginning of the lengthy restoration process of recreating and enhancing the original film, and creating new bonus materials from all the never-before-seen footage.


Bruce Joel Rubin (who was one of the cameramen and a student of Rudi’s) provides a revealing commentary track to the main film that puts it in historical and spiritual context, providing many insights.


It took almost a year, but six dedicated individuals (Rudi students and spiritual devotees) have created subtitles of the RUDI movie for the many students of many traditions across the globe. Subtitles for the main movie may be chosen in:

  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Russian
  • Spanish
Much of the original footage (nearly 60%) was never used in the Rudi movie. For the DVD six new shorts have been created from never-before-seen footage:


Rudi first began using his hands to energetically transmit healing energy during the weekend in Big Indian. This film shows Rudi working through the crowds on the ashram lawn transmitting shakti. Most of this footage has never been seen before, and includes Rudi speaking about the nature of spiritual work.


Edited by feature-film editor Eric Pomert, this movie reveals what ashram life was like in the Catskill Mountains in the 70’s, and how life transpired over that weekend. Rudi voiceover.


Chanting was a big part of Muktananda’s teaching, and there were many opportunities that weekend. During one of the chanting sessions Rudi sits with Muktananda on the lawn. This film intimately chronicles Rudi as he drinks in the energy of the moment for his own inner work. New music composed for the short by Daniel Claster.


At some point in the weekend at Big Indian everyone hops into cars and go for a relaxing drive out to the local Catskill Mountains reservoir to catch the cool breezes coming off the water. New music composed for the short by Daniel Claster.


Barry Kaplan, a professional photographer by trade and a student of Rudi’s, was invited by Rudi to take the many teaching pictures that many of us use to this day in our meditation practice. Narration by Bruce Joel Rubin; new music composed for the short by Patrick Carmichael.


While we acknowledge the passing of Rudi in the plane crash of February 21, 1973, to continue to mourn his loss is to miss the point of Rudi’s work entirely. The best way to remember Rudi is to reinvigorate ourselves and continue our inner work aknew, remembering the many legacies he left. There are two versions of this film, one with narration by Stuart Perrin (one of the survivors of the plane crash), and another with narration by Bruce Joel Rubin. New music composed for the short by Patrick Carmichael.


This film uses footage shot during a meditation class (no narration or voiceover) in the NYC ashram.


This is rare B & W handheld footage of Rudi in meditation, probably shot sometime in the late 60’s. Newly restored.


Here are some beautiful newly-restored images from Barry Kaplan, some never seen before, presented as a meditation class.


Using stills from footage shot in the classroom in the New York City ashram, Rudi gives a wonderful lecture about why it’s important to continue your inner work during difficult times.


Using still images from the RUDI movie (including unseen images), Rudi gives another lecture on inner work.


This slideshow uses more still images from the RUDI movie (including unseen images) with a beautiful vocal and sitar music by Swami Kriyananda (recorded at Rudi’s San Francisco ashram opening on a different occasion.)


Using stills from Rudi’s early years, narrator Bruce Joel Rubin reveals Rudi’s evolvement from young man to teacher-to-be.


Rudi was both oriental art businessman and teacher, and often made trips to India to purchase art and visit Muktananda in Ganeshpuri. Bruce Joel Rubin narrates that story.


Rudi’s antique store not only helped to financially support Rudi’s many activities, it was also the place where many students-to-be met Rudi for the first time. Many archival images from the store and some unseen images as well; Bruce Joel Rubin narrates.


Back in the summer of 1978 many students gathered on the lawn below the shrine in Big Indian in tell their favorite Rudi stories, recording to a cassette recorder. This film features four funny stories over more Rudi images. The entire 1.5 hour recording of Rudi Stories is included as bonus audio tracks for your mp3 player or computer.


This is a very rare video of footage of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, one of Rudi’s important teachers. There are two audio track versions, the original, and a track of Rudi speaking about his meeting Nityananda.


This is is slideshow of classic Nityananda images with a soundtrack of a Nityananda Chant led by Swami Muktananda, recording during the weekend in Big Indian.

Download these bonus audio mp3’s for listening on your computer or mobile device:

  • 1.5 hours of Rudi Stories
  • Unedited versions of the recordings used in the Rudi Movie
  • The rarely-heard recording of the dedication of the San Francisco Ashram in 1971 where Rudi gave a 5-hour lecture

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