Video: Renovation of the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation

For the second year, lead project manager Silver Ra of Denton, TX, spearheaded the ongoing renovation of the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation that resides in Big Indian, NY. Some 9 to 12 people per day — mostly from Texas — contributed their time and energies over a six week period to repairs of the second tier that necessitated repouring a new concrete slab. The stupa was originally built in the 70s in honor of Rudi (Swami Rudrananda), and Silver Ra was the original architect and leader builder back then, Silver Ra sees the stupa as a healing force in the universe, just as the thousands of other stupas are that mainly reside in India, Nepal, and Tibet. He invites visitors of all traditions to visit, and more importantly to participate with ceremony, prayers, donations for ongoing work in 2017. Big Indian is also the home of the Bodhivastu Foundation and Lama Rangbar who recently consecrated the Mariamma Statue.