The continuing renovation of the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation led by Silver Ra from Texas and the dedicated Stupa Crew has made monumental progress in repairs and restoration. It was no mean feat to make the 24-hour trip amidst a pandemic and Covid restrictions, and to observe healthy protocols for all who participated. The breathtaking event of the arrival of the Padmasambhāva statue and its unveiling represented a blessing not only for the community but for the land as well.

Lama Rangbar & crew have also moved mountains to upgrade the water access across the property, to backhoe drainage ditches around the Stupa, and to do extensive leveling that is streamlining views and easier access with an eye to future needs, and to prepare for the Stupa Team that came in August.

Recorded in February, 2021, this interview below with Lama Rangbar and Sapana Shakya tell the backstory of the events in August and the jaw-dropping story of how the Padmasambhāva statue managed to arrived as if on cue.