The experience of watching the Rudi DVD has been profound and joyous to me. It is more beautiful and abundant than anything I could have imagined or wished for. It delivers Rudi into my lap, into my heart, into my soul. It is an indescribably wondrous gift. I am so honored to even be part of it. I’ve watched it all, amazed as the pure beauty of the images and the remarkable transfer. I never expected it to look this good. I was very taken by all the additional pieces and just happy to see them and hear them. After all these years watching the core movie, it was like stumbling onto an indescribable treasure. I think it is especially rich for those of us who were there, whose youth and innocence are sitting there on the screen. What a remarkable time. And to have so much more of Rudi returned to us is beyond words. My gratitude is infinite. —Bruce Joel Rubin

Unbelievable! I highly recommend watching this DVD. If you are open and have any energetic sensitivity whatsoever, this film is going to have a powerful effect on you immediately. My 12 year-old son walked into the room while I was watching the film and even he started having spontaneous chi flow and energy sensations running up his spine from Rudi’s transmissions. This is truly something special. I am extremely grateful to have it in my possession. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. — D.F.

We have just taken in our first of the Rudi movie. WOW! What a gift this is! It’s beyond words… I’m filled with wonder, love and gratitude… — A.M.

Bob Sink’s Love and Devotion for this project has born miraculous fruit. Bruce Joel Rubin’s commentary is precious beyond words as his True Love for Rudi shines through. Barry Kaplan’s photos are included in a way that conveys Rudi’s intention for the photos as instruments one can Work with.

I first connected with Rudi in 1969. Preparation for the visit that was documented here was already underway. Rudi opened doors for so many people of the East and the West that it is impossible to conceive. His Blessing Energy still quickens us today. Through this project you get to meet him personally in the flavor of his Presence.

I just wanted to thank you for the DVD. I started to watch it as soon as I received it and I think it is just wonderful. I can really feel the power of Rudi. And I love the poster because it shows the joy and love of Rudi. I have it framed in my meditation space.

I received the DVD, and my community watched it with our Guru, Dharmanidhi Sarasvati, in Oakland Sunday night. It was such a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for your hard work, the editing was wonderful! I think many of us Sarasvatis will be ordering it soon! —T.K.