Rudi Movie DVD, Rudi Movie Project

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Rudi Lectures, Rudi Movie Project

Rudi Lectures:
Digital Download

40+ hours of Rudi lectures and conversations recorded in the ashram, around the kitchen table, and up at Big Indian. Each lecture has been meticulously transferred, and enhanced for improved clarity, and is the best quality available. Downloadable mp3s. READ MORE >>


Behind The Cosmic Curtain, Rudi Movie Project

Before The Sun:
Meeting Rudi

Before The Sun: Meeting Rudi chronicles the astounding day-to-day events of John Mann — one of Rudi’s first students — who managed to survive the rollercoaster ride of studying Kundalini yoga in the tumultuous 1960s of New York City. READ MORE >>

Behind The Cosmic Curtain, Rudi Movie Project

Behind The Cosmic Curtain

In Beyond The Cosmic Curtain, edited by John Mann, the book brings together much of Rudi’s unpublished material. READ MORE >>

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