Muktananda’s Visit To Big Indian

Here are some still images from the Rudi Movie footage. The film captures the arrival of Swami Muktananda and his retinue from India — their first visit to the United States — a most rare and unusual event to occur in the early 70s. Rudi went to great lengths to prepare his students for Swami Muktananda’s visit in order to learn Indian etiquette, how to behave and pay proper respect. Rudi spent a year renovating the buildings and land especially for Swami’s visit, to have a place to take him up to the countryside as a relief from the oppressive summer heat of Manhattan. Big Indian also afforded enough room for the crowds that did indeed show up.

The weekend was filled with devotional chanting (also known as satsong) meditation classes indoor and out, big feasts, talks by Swami, and a visit to the Ashokan reservoir for a bit of relief from all the festivities. Rudi used this momentous occasion to make incredible strides in his own inner work, and started using his hands for healing work for the very first time. The Rudi Movie features extraordinary footage as this all unfolded.