About Rudi Lectures

Thanks to the many unheralded souls who had the presence of mind and forethought to audiotape all sorts of lectures and conversations— in the ashram, around the kitchen table, and up at Big Indian— we are blessed with many hours of rich and enlightening Rudi talks.

After Rudi’s passing in 1973, the call went out around the country for anyone who had cassette recordings to send them in, from which a master collection could be derived. In 2007 the first-ever Digital Edition— a year in the making— was created, based on the original reel-to-reel tapes. Each lecture has been meticulously transferred, and enhanced for improved clarity, and is the best quality available, offering over 40+ hours of lectures.

NOTE: DUE TO THE LARGE FILE SIZES, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD TO A COMPUTER. You cannot download to a mobile device. 



The Rudi Lectures are now available as a digital download to your computer.  Once downloaded you can then transfer them onto your various portable devices such as a smartphone, an iPad, or other devices that can play music. No longer available on CDs.


These amazing recordings of Rudi were casually taped on home cassette machines from the sixties and seventies; as a result the audio quality varies from very good to passable. We have done our best to transfer the original reel-to-reel tapes directly to the digital domain, optimizing with sound restoration software for the best clarity possible.