Found Writings

The following writings recently resurfaced in the form of their original hand-typewritten manuscripts from 1973. Finding Happiness (my ascribed title) was excerpted from a talk that Rudi gave mid-February of 1973, mere days before his passing. Dictated Aloft… (again my ascribed title) was dictated to Mimi Shore on February 21, 1973, as Rudi, Mimi, Stuart Perrin, and Beau Buchanan were flying in a small Cessna airplane when they hit the mountaintops above North Lake, NY. These words were literally Rudi’s last, ending mid-sentence with “a deeper sense of surrender…” And finally, excerpts from Spiritual Cannibalism, Rudi’s original version, and an excerpt from a Rudi talk: Life Is the Teacher.

Finding Happiness

You have to constantly relate everything to the simple fact of what you really want in your life. The very nature of a human being is that he’s born with the chance to have a choice and use his consciousness. It’s the consciousness that sets a flow in the body that represents this freedom. The system needs to be fed by some conscious energy. There has to be a very conscious effort and a very conscious pattern that releases a flow in your system. You really are open to higher energies and these energies are essential to make a human being. You have to feel this flow. A man has to fuel his mechanism. You have to open your system and feel this energy coming in from the cosmos; this is how man gets his fuel… READ MORE >>

Dictated Aloft…

Today had been a particularly exhausting day, which in every way I have been patterned for, the last two weeks. I knew I was going through a transition but could not quite determine the nature and the way in which it would carry me.

I am now en route to Glen Falls in a small plane to teach a class in Ft. Miller, New York. The commune there is called ZBS Media. It is a good way to travel as it is six hours by car and only one and a half hours by plane. I have been sitting for at least seven or eight hours today letting negative psychic tensions flow through my fingers which it seems to do increasingly… READ MORE >>

Spiritual Cannibalism

If there is a harder way to do it, please let me know so I can try it; because it must be wonderful. This is a large part of my philosophy. I believe in digging deeply within myself. I try to find some depth untouched by my conscious mind and bring it to the surface to be tested by my life. This polishes and exposes the grain and I know what my true nature is.

When we love someone, it is the flow of our energy washing away the tensions, much like water washing dirt from gold. The flow of life frees us from the depths of tensions, burying us within ourselves.

I felt this when I was young, and rather than sit inside the mountain of myself, I went out into the river of life. It tore me from myself, throwing me upon the shores of experience. I was slowly washed of my past karma… READ MORE >>

Life Is The Teacher

I would rather really break down my chemistry as something there gets freed much deeper inside. And it has to do with this capacity of surrendering deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and then by the nourishment that you take you attract something creative, something from God that gives you the capacity to say, “I can now do this.”

I never would have dared work with somebody who was physically ill without poisoning myself. So it is always taking and internalizing and expanding the amount you can internalize by drawing energy from every situation… READ MORE >>