The Divine Thread by Swami Khecaranatha leads directly to the Heart of God. It is both our connection to God and our pathway to the highest knowledge—that we’re not separate or different from Him. The Divine Thread is the radiant filament of light and consciousness that eternally connects kundalini shakti—the descent of infinite Consciousness into individuality—with the limitless, unmanifest aspect of itself. The Divine Thread is Shakti, the spiritual current that eternally flows through every dimension of the unified fabric of supreme Consciousness. The Divine Thread is the bliss of Consciousness, rising unimpeded from the depths of individuality into dvadasanta, the abode of pure Consciousness.

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Open Your Eyes Within by Acharya Premananda (formerly Swami Ganeshananda) opens a doorway into the heart of the pure awareness that is at our core. Written in simple, straight-forward language Acharya Premananda’s teachings arise from his own direct insight into the Self. Openly sharing his own trials and inner revelations along the spiritual path, Premananda also describes with remarkable clarity and simplicity the extraordinary practice which he received from his own spiritual teacher, Swami Rudrananda (Rudi).

Acharya Premananda’s mastery of Kundalini Sadhana and Shaktipat make this book an invaluable resource for anyone drawn to the path of Kundalini. The insights and wisdom presented herein also represent a profound resource for those who may presently find themselves in the midst of the Kundalini Process. Learn ancient Tantric practices presented with uncommon clarity Learn to develop the flow of life force within you Learn how to go from Stuck to Flow to Pure Awareness Learn how to turn awareness back on itself. Learn how to work with an authentic spiritual teacher. Discover powerful new insights, pivotal to authentic spiritual transformation.

Open Your Eyes Within offers a remarkably profound, simple, clear and practical guide to Self realization. Swami Premananda guides you into a profound understanding of the essence of Tantric spiritual practices, and most importantly into a direct living awareness of the Self.

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The new book Wearing God’s Mala: The Seva Sutras, composed by Swami Khecaranatha offers profound insight into the practice of Kundalini Sadhana through the lens of selfless service. Khecaranatha, a student of Rudi’s, asserts that serving God is one of the pivotal means by which we express and actualize our wish to know the highest Consciousness within us. By selflessly serving we surrender our will to God’s will, transcending all dualistic perception of ourselves as separate from the Divine powers that have created us. Through our unwavering commitment to serving we are immersed in the joyous effulgence of living in the Divine.

From the introduction:

You’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed,
You’re gonna have to serve somebody,
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord,
but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.

“These lyrics by Bob Dylan succinctly express the importance of serving. I feel very blessed to have learned the value of service at an early age. When I met my teacher, Swami Rudrananda (Rudi), in 1971 I was immediately filled with gratitude for the opportunity to change my life by opening to higher consciousness. The only response to that gratitude was service. I have served my teacher by doing my inner work and accepting the responsibility he conferred on me of being a lineage carrier in his tradition. My own practice has been grounded in, cultivated in, and allowed to bloom with the sacred temple of service — service to God, to the freedom within myself, to my teachers, and to those around me.”

He is the author of several books on Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Shaivism, including Depth Over Time and Merging With the Divine: One Day at a Time. Swami Khecaranatha currently resides in Berkeley, California, where he serves as the spiritual leader of TrikaShala, his Kundalini meditation center.

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This timeless book, A Lotus Flower in Muddy Waters by Stuart Perrin, is one of the most important, revelatory, and generously written studies of its kind in contemporary spiritual literature — a twenty-first century guidebook for actualizing one’s inner life. It explores the practice of Kundalini Yoga’s therapeutic, spiritual and esoteric applications and is as relevant to modern day seekers as Sri Swami Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi was to those who read it.

Says the author: The book was originally published as A Deeper Surrender: Notes on a Spiritual Life, I decided to change the title to a more befitting, A Lotus Flower in Muddy Waters. It struck me that every human being is like a lotus flower, every human being lives in muddy waters and has to find a connection to light and love and happiness in their lives. We weren’t born here to be miserable. Infants are sweet and cuddly and radiate joy. It’s a pleasure to hold them, to play with them, to allow their sweetness to be part of our lives. Somewhere along the way, that cuddliness disappears and we’re conditioned to believe that struggle and unhappiness is all life has to offer. It’s not true. Every one of us was born here to have a wonderful life. We just have to transform our suffering into love, our fear into joy, and develop inside ourselves the security to live with an open heart.

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The new book Shiva’s Trident from Swami Khecaranatha deftly expounds the essence of Rudi’s teachings within the context of Kashmir Shaivism, and particularly, the practice of Anuttara Trika, and includes lots of Rudi stories and quotes. As in his previous book, Heart Of Recognition (see below), Swami Khecaranatha manages to tackle esoteric writings that have confounded many an enthusiastic and devoted reader and makes it not only understandable but relevant with personal insights and interesting stories.

From the back cover: Shiva’s Trident mandala is integral to the nondual Kashmiri Shaivite practice of Anuttara Trika. In this pioneering exposition, Swami Khecarantha elucidates the extraordinary spiritual tradition represented by this sacred image, offering modern practitioners a clear understanding of its enduring power, relevance, and ultimate purpose: the attainment of higher consciousness and union with God. Khecaranatha’s revelations in this book are focused around the profound spiritual and scriptural wisdom of Abhinavagupta, one of the greatest saints in the Shaivite tradition. Through these eloquent words, Abhinavagupta excapsulates centures of esoteric knowledge embedded with the Trident:

The highest insight of Anuttara Trika is union with Shakti, the triad of energies of will, knowledge, and action. This is Shiva’s Trident, the three aspects of His absolute nature and freedom, which He possesses by virture of his union with His own emission. In the practice of Anuttara, the sadhaka penetrates the energy of emission, becoming one with Shiva, the source and holder of the powers of the universe…. This is done through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. There is no other Divine fire able to consume the whole of duality than Kundalini.

He is the author of several books on Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Shaivism, including Depth Over Time and Merging With the Divine: One Day at a Time. Swami Khecaranatha currently resides in Berkeley, California, where he serves as the spiritual leader of TrikaShala, his Kundalini meditation center.

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In Heart of Recognition: The Wisdom and Practices of the Pratyabhijna Hrdayam the essence of this eloquent Tantric scripture, written in the eleventh century by Kshemaraja, is brought to life by Swami Khecaranatha’s in-depth commentary. His explanation of this powerful text reveals not only its philosophical meaning but the relevance of its ancient words to the modern reader’s life and spiritual practice. Khecaranatha explores the wisdom and practices embedded in the sutras and how to apply them to one’s own sadhana.

Throughout Heart of Recognition, Khecaranatha reiterates his central message: Our own heart is where we recognize the highest truth in life, which is that we are an individuated expression of the Divine. He illuminates the Tantric exposition of how manifest life arose from Supreme Consciousness, how that Divinity gave birth to us, and the choice each of us has to discover and permanently experience our own connection with our Source.

With a mastery etched from four decades of disciplined inner practice and selfless service, Swami Khecaranatha is an authentic adept and recognized carrier of Tantric Shaivism in the Shaktipat Lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Rudrananda. In 2002 he took vows of sannyas, formally committing his life to teaching and serving unconditionally. Khecaranatha’s ability to transmit a living spiritual force and to elucidate ancient Eastern teachings offers practitioners the extraordinary possibility of making contact with the highest consciousness within themselves. Reflecting a profound depth of insight into spiritual freedom, Khecaranatha is a living embodiment of the Tantric understanding that all of life is one vibrant expression and celebration of Divine Consciousness.

He is the author of several books on Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Shaivism, including Depth Over Time and Merging With the Divine: One Day at a Time. Swami Khecaranatha currently resides in Berkeley, California, where he serves as the spiritual leader of TrikaShala, his Kundalini meditation center.

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Rudi: The Final Moments by Stuart Perrin contains two novellas linked together by a common thread. They are both rite-of-passage stories in which the deaths of a parent and of a teacher force the young protagonists to re-examine their inner lives. Rudi: The Final Moments is an in-depth study of perhaps the most sacred marriage on earth — the union of a spiritual teacher and his disciple. It is a transcendental love story that could only find its inspiration in the human heart. The story moves from the past to the present, from his thoughts to Rudi’s dictation, from a clear sky to a fog so dense one can’t see ten feet out the window. A simple voyage in a four-seat Cessna airplane becomes an allegorical journey into a world of wisdom so profound it borders on sacred truths. Out of darkness comes light, out of death comes rebirth, and out of tragedy a new sense of purpose; and by the end of this fateful journey, nothing in my world remained the same.

The South Bronx is the setting for The Dancing Man, an allegorical tale of a college student who returns home to discover that his father is dying. It is a tale woven from an accumulation of dreams about an almost mythic figure called the Dancing Man, who guides the college student, Joshua, into a transformative world that unifies both life and death. The story takes place on the South Bronx streets of his childhood, but its surreal nature could only be conceived in the feverish mind of a writer. It’s a love story and a street-smarts story that plumbs the deepest levels of human consciousness to discover how life’s mysteries are passed on from generation to generation.

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Freedom from the Web of Karma: Spiritual Practice and Growth  by Swami Ganeshananda — now known as Acharya Premanandaexpresses the essence of spiritual practice in a simple and profound way. He demonstrates, with humility and an authenticity based on a lifetime of arduous practice and commitment, the power of opening the heart to discover the God that dwells within it. With profound insight derived from more than forty years of disciplined inner practice and selfless service, Swami Premananda reveals how living in a state of spiritual freedom is a genuine possibility available to every human being who sincerely wishes for it. With directness, honesty, and inspired wisdom, he describes his own spiritual journey and offers encouragement, inspiration, and detailed instructions for anyone seriously seeking guidance in their own work toward spiritual liberation.

From the back cover of the book Bruce Joel Rubin writes: [Swami Premananda] and I shared the good fortune of having a remarkable spiritual teacher in the 1960s and ’70s in New York City. His name was Rudi (Swami Rudrananda), and he was a true original. His energy, his dynamic presence, and his teachings have helped shape many lives over the decades since. This volume that you hold in your hands is perhaps the best distillation of Rudi’s extraordinary practice. It is a blessing to come upon these teachings. These are true words to live by, which will inform and shape your life. Open these pages and dive in. —Bruce Joel Rubin, spiritual teacher and screenwriter (Ghost, Jacob’s Ladder, My Life, The Time Traveler’s Wife)

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Poems to the Bliss of Awareness by Swami Ganeshananda — now known as Acharya Premanandais a book of devotional poems inspired mainly by the author’s contact with his root guru, Swami Rudrananda (Rudi), and by many years of spiritual practice, study, experience and teaching. The book includes a preface by Swami Khecaranatha, an introduction explaining the philosophical background underlying the poems, and a detailed description of the meditation practice used by the author. Poems and text are in English, except for a few poems in Norwegian, included for those readers who know the Scandinavian languages.

Acharya Premananda (born Per Oskar Johansen) has established and runs Rudra Meditation Center in Oslo, Norway, with associated centers and contacts in other parts of Europe. He has for more than 40 years been a daily practitioner of kundalini yoga meditation, a practice he has also taught for many years. He studied with his root guru Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) in New York from the fall of 1969 until Rudi s passing in 1973. After that he studied for many years with Swami Chetanananda in various USA locations. He has also studied Kashmir Shaivism and other Indian traditions. In addition, he has for a number of years studied chod, phowa and other ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices with Wangdu Lama Rinpoche, who has a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Depth Over Time: Kundalini MahaYoga: A Path of Transformation and Liberation by Swami Khecaranatha offers a vision of the freedom and liberation available to anyone who is willing to make spiritual growth the primary focus of their life. Much more than just a discussion of philosophy, the book provides readers with the tools to undertake a profound spiritual transformation within themselves, to gain the direct realization that “God dwells within you, as yourself.”

Depth Over Time covers the most important aspects of the practice of Kundalini MahaYoga. Discussions include the topics of Grace and individual effort, our relationship with God, the wish to grow, the teacher-student relationship, selfless service, surrender, cultivating stillness, and the critical need to consciously choose spirituality, moment by moment. Throughout the book, Swami Khecaranatha reiterates that spiritual practice does not just happen during formal, closed-eye meditation. Swami Khecaranatha explains the philosophy and practices of this Tantric tradition in terms that Western students can readily understand, yet his message conveys the essence of the highest teachings of the ancient Kashmiri Shaivite tradition. He makes it clear that attaining liberation and living in Divine Presence is not just the purview of saints, but a real possibility for anyone willing to devote his or her life to the pursuit of unconditional freedom.

Swami Khecaranatha, has been teaching since 1972 and is an authentic adept of Tantric Shaivism in the Shaktipat Lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Rudrananda. READ MORE about the book at his web site.

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Merging With the Divine: One Day At A Time by Swami Khecaranatha This collection of 365 reflections from Swami Khecaranatha, one for each day of the year, offers simple, practical, and profound spiritual guidance for all who want to bring more peace, joy, and understanding into their lives. With wit, directness, and penetrating insight gleaned from forty years of practice and teaching, these heartfelt sayings cover such topics as living from an open heart, nonattachment, gratitude, selfless service, and developing a disciplined inner practice. Khecaranatha’s boundless love for God, and his fierce commitment to guiding authentic students of spirituality to an understanding of their true Divine nature, radiate from every page, making Merging With the Divine an invaluable companion.

Writes Bruce Joel Rubin of the book:“Khecaranatha’s teachings, distilled from four decades of spiritual practice, are wise and deeply welcome. His instructions will not only help guide you through your day but will resonate throughout your life.” READ MORE about the book at his web site.

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