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News Update: 2-20-23

THE BACKSTORY: A decade ago I lost almost half the vision in my LEFT eye due to NAION (Non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy) from the loss of blood flow to the optic nerve. This condition typically causes sudden vision loss without any pain. Injury to the optic nerve disrupts the ability of the eye to send information to the brain. During Christmas NAION appeared unexpectedly in the RIGHT eye as well. NAION arises from a genetic precondition of a too-small optic disk in the eye, aka “disc at risk”. NAION ostensibly is irreversible and has no known effective treatment.

I saw my cataract surgeon Feb. 16, and things are progressing well. Eyesight is improving with some crucial gotchas. It’s all moving in the right direction but it’s not a shoo-in. It seems that it’s my energetic responsibility and task to complete the last few steps to address central vision issues, blurriness & double-vision that stands between me and the clear vision I seek. As it is now, working in front of a computer — reading-distance — is slow & exhausting, always morphing. It will still be mid-March before the doc will take measurements for reading glasses which may or may not improve eyesight. After yesterday’s appointment, I realize I am not asking for what is often called a “miracle”, an intervention, or someone else to fix me. Everything is different henceforth. Rather these “last few steps” involves asking for what I want from the Universe that transcends logic, reason, and time & space. It’s a deeper sense of surrender, thank you, Rudi.